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Website Development

iBizware has experience of working with companies of all sizes to develop bespoke websites, from simple promotional sites through to highly interactive sites.

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Overall, we can offer you the complete web solution, from planning and designing your site, through creation and hosting, to maintaining and marketing the site on the internet on your behalf.


The most successful websites are those that are meticulously planned and which, as a result, offer a co-herent and predictable interface to their users. Well-planned websites are likely to run more quickly, require less server resources for their functionality and be less prone to errors than a site that has been hastily constructed. A well-planned site is also going to offer you more flexibility if you wish to extend the site’s functionality at a later date, so saving you money in the long run.

iBizware believes in working closely with its clients to create an accurate blueprint for a site before any of the development work begins. Once we have a full and thorough understanding of your site’s requirements and the business processes involved in the way it will function, we can develop a solution that elegantly encompasses all your requirements in an efficient and scalable way.


Projecting the right image to your users is very important, although the design of a site should never be the only driving factor in a project. Ultimately, the best sites are the ones that not only look good but also do what the user expects them to do quickly, reliably and easily. Sites that are heavily driven by the aesthetics, with many graphics and animations, do have an instant ‘wow’ factor when users first see them but can soon become tiresome if they need to revisit the site regularly.

iBizware works with its clients to find the best design for that particular project and aims to maximise the ‘wow’ factor whilst balancing it against the other very real constraints of the internet, such as download times, browser compatibility and available browser plug-ins.


Site development is the process of creating the web pages and all the other associated programming required for your site to function according the agreed blueprint. Using the most appropriate technologies for site deveoplment is crucial to the success of the project. Poor use of technology here can lead to problems. The site could be slow to use, unstable and prone to errors, cost more to develop than it should, cost more to host than necessary, be incompatible with the browsers of the target site users and lack scalability.

At iBizware we believe in basing our choice of technology on each individual situation, not imposing technology for other reasons. At the same time we are also aware that the use of tried and tested technologies not only ensures a project’s success but also allows further development of a project to be undertaken by any development company familiar with mainstream technologies and best practice.


Poor hosting can ruin the best site. The wrong choice of host might mean that you are not getting the reliability and availability that your site demands or it could mean that you have built in too much redundancy and are paying more than you should for your hosting costs. The number of anticipated visitors to your site, the reliability you require, the complexity of your site, your budget and the provider’s track record should all be factors in choosing the best host for your site.

Over the years we have developed websites requiring a range of hosting solutions and are experienced in choosing the right type of hosting for your project. We have first hand experience of companies that we know are reliable and which we can recommend with confidence.

iBizware Solutions does not offer hosting services as we strongly believe that the most effective hosting solutions come only from companies that are dedicated to providing this service. In the vast majority of cases development companies cannot offer viable, reliable hosting solutions.


Many websites require a degree of ongoing maintenance. This is generally most appropriate if you are using either a dedicated or co-located hosting environment. Maintenance is also a factor to take into account if your looking for a website for sale, for instance.


Even the best website will be a wasted resource if its users are unaware of its existence. Good marketing of your site is the key to its success. The more targeted traffic you can drive to your site, the more effective it will be at meeting your business objectives.

As with site hosting, we do not offer website marketing solutions or any search engine submission services. In our experience these forms of promotion are specialised and their success depends upon them being carried out by experts in this field. We have worked with some of the most highly-regarded specialists in this area; people we know will deliver results.